Franz Ferdinand from the posh seats

And the final loose end to tie up, and it doesn’t involve complaining at all. Well, not much. I went to see Franz Ferdinand at the Hammersmith Apollo on Monday night – they were terrific, and refreshing too; a hit-laden main set, followed by an encore of mainly less familiar stuff. No bullshit, no time wasting. They’re great.

But one thing struck me. I wasn’t down where the video above was shot; I was up in the circle sat down. I’ve hardly ever done this at a gig – mainly because I usually steer clear of big-venue gigs. But it was pretty damn frustrating – I checked the people behind me and they seemed half-asleep and unlikely to rise, so decided to stay sat down. Next to me, a couple in front had stood up, which resulted in the bloke next to me losing his rag with them. It was a bit like watching a football match in the 89th minute when your team’s 4-0 up and not being able to stand up. A really weird experience. Next time, I might just check that I’m (literally) down with the kids instead…