Ambridge or Lewisham – what’s it to be, mayor Steve?

It’s good when elected politicians share something of themselves on the internet, it’s reminds us that we’re dealing with human beings and not with dreary automatrons. It means we treat them as humans rather than as human dartboards.

But it helps to share some important stuff too, I think. Take Sir Steve Bullock, elected mayor of Lewisham. Since the May 2010 election, his Twitter feed has delivered…

– one post predicting “immense housing pressure in London” following the comprensive spending review

– one post celebrating his party’s win in a by-election…

– …followed by another revelling in the Tories’ poor performance in the same election

– a link to a comment about cuts in local government finances

– a happy memory of stewarding a Captain Beefheart gig at Leeds University – “he was getting ready to rock with a large pot of tea!”

– and, er, three on tonight’s special double-length anniversary episode of The Archers on Radio 4.

Now, apart from the blinkin’ Archers (that’s just me, though), this is all good. I love the Captain Beefheart tale. (Green London Assembly member Darren Johnson‘s occasional tweets about prog rock never fail to raise a smile, although sadly his account’s been hacked.)

But what about the other stuff? The cuts, the libraries, the fireworks, the nice stuff about walking in Deptford, the mound of grass that’s replaced that shut-down pub by Lewisham station? I don’t think Mayor Steve should stop tweeting so much about Ambridge – but it’d be lovely if he tweeted a bit more about Lewisham…