London mayor’s love life: Good service

Sorry if you’re looking at this first thing in the morning.

If the media’s so London-centric, when will it start to scrutinise Boris Johnson’s performance as London’s mayor, instead of his performances in the bedroom? Yes, of course the Mail on Sunday is obsessed with posh shagging, but even Newsnight allowed him to get away with plugging the sponsors of the bike hire scheme in a surprisingly matey chat with Jeremy Paxman* about bankers the other night.

Other than obediently passing on news from the mayor’s office that he “raged at Tube bosses” (who he’s in charge of) about the Jubilee Line farrago (which he’s also in charge of), it’d be great if the media could investigate his day job, instead of being obsessed with how many times he’s on the job. There’s only 7 million or so of us who depend on what he’s up to, you know…

(* The Economist did London’s relationship with bankers better this week, declaring both Boris and Ken to be adherents of Londonism – fairly comfortable with fat cats, but demanding big investment in infrastructure too. Well worth a read, and almost certainly on the money, too.)


  1. Anyone who believes this tripe needs to think again. They make it all up! Envy of Boris’s huge popularity causes certain papers to go for him from time to time. It is all totally unsubstantiated, mere speculation and therefore unfair. They do not give one verifiable source.

  2. It does rather explain why he’s not been able to ‘get a grip’ on the numerous transport problems currently afflicting London. Because, you know, he might be a bit distracted.

    What I can’t get my head around is why, given he’s so cavalier with the feelings of those around him, some people still have the impression that he’s a ‘jolly decent chap’.

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