Weekend reading: Me at Londonist on cycling

Nobody’s reading the internet today because it’s so nice outside, but in case you’re stuck inside, I did a thing for Londonist about being a new cyclist, and how it doesn’t have to be about dicing with death on A-roads. It can be if you want it to be, but I like a quiet life.

Above is my “new” bike – I actually bought it in January, and it’s served me very well so far. I rode it home from Tottenham the other day, down through Walthamstow and Hackney Marshes and through the Olympic Park. With the Greenwich Foot Tunnel refurbishment dragging on, the new lifts can’t come soon enough, it’s a tight squeeze on the stairs now the tourist season has arrived…


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  1. Still, as you have to stop on the landings to let pedestrians past, you can get your breath back as you scale the 100 steps up from the tunnel to Greenwich pier…right, I’m off to read your new cyclist article…

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