The wonder of Wilkinsons: Riot-hit Woolwich store returns

Good news after last night’s confusion. Just eleven days after its entrance was attacked during the Woolwich riot, Greenwich mayor Jim Gillman reopened the Wilkinsons store this morning. If you’ve a sweet tooth, hurry down because they’re giving out free sweets and £1 gift cards. I spent mine on a dustpan and brush, which you’ll be pleased to hear if you’ve ever visited my house. Unfortunately, I missed the moment the doors were opened, since I relied on Southeastern to get me there for 9am…

Despite the damage at the front, the rest of the building is sound and a crew has now got to work on chucking out the charred fittings from the rest of the parade. Entrance to Wilkinsons, which only opened two months ago, is via the car park for the time being.

On the way to Wilkinsons, there’s proof of the despair Woolwich has found itself in – and how the place desperately needs help, in so many ways…

Update 12:40pm: The Guardian’s Dave Hill asks an important question about Woolwich, and wonders what effect the regeneration efforts are having in the town: “Why did the place explode with such frightening force?” Essential reading.


  1. Still smells of burning though and I was told by a member of staff that the damage to the rear of the store was bad but they have done a good job clearing it up

    She told me that the poundshop at the front entrance won’t be re-opening and they may have to demolish it

    What does worry me is the damage done to the shops adjacent to the old burnt and now demolished Blue Inc shop. Both the T Mobile store is being shored up with scaffolding and the Price Less Shoes store remains closed and I understand there is fire damage to the first floor of JD Sports

    So many shops are still shut now at least 10 in Powis Street and worringly whilst most of the old Nationwide branches are under offer to other banks it seems both Woolwich and Peckham scene of riots remain unwanted

    There was me hoping Metro Bank would move in to Woolwich

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