Be my guest

You might have noticed things being quieter around here over the past week – a hard drive failure (thanks, iPhoto) meant I was restricted to my fiddly laptop for a little while. But my Mac is back with a pristine new hard drive and I’ve finally tracked down my copy of Photoshop Elements, so fresh new posts will be appearing here shortly. Of course, it was entirely usual that my Mac would break down for the first time in four years shortly before the new Apple Store opens at Stratford City, so it’s had a small holiday in Essex.

But then there’s another gap in service coming up, because I’m going away for a little while. So, would you like to help me fill the gap? If there’s something you’ve always wanted to say about life in south-east London, I’d love to give you a space with a guest post. All I ask is that it’s between no more than 1,000 words, and ideally should come with a photo of what you’re talking about. (I can sort the latter out if you can’t.) Final decision on whether or not to run them is with me, and I’ll be managing comments on the post remotely, but it’d be nice to get a few different perspectives that don’t come from me.

So, please, get thinking, and if you want to discuss ideas, stick ’em in the comments box below. Or tell me things. And now I’ve asked you to write for free, enjoy the video above, courtesy of Danny Baker on Twitter. He’s right, of course…


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