Greenwich’s royal borough roadshow hits Eltham with a bang

Of course, not everyone is eye-rolling like me about Greenwich borough’s new royal status. I had to (sssh….) step just outside the borough to find out, and briefly enter a distant borough apparently called “Bexley”. As icy winds blew through Sidcup, a man crossed Halfway Street, at the point where the tarmac changes, and paused in front of a sign. Gone was a welcome to “the millennium borough”. In its place was something new.

In the council’s swish new Eltham Centre, a small crowd had gathered.

What were they staring at? The day old royal charter which declares this a royal borough…

…which came complete with a huge royal seal.

Down at Well Hall Pleasaunce, there was a bit of a party going on.

There were some words from local MP Clive Efford…

There’s an MC’s job for him if the politics goes belly-up, you know. And then there were some fireworks. The sound’s a bit rubbish for the first minute, but bear with it, it’s impressive stuff.

Of course, the council still held its own private party inside the Tudor Barn while the great unwashed shivered outside, but at least we had some fireworks and some music and some spiced apple juice to warm us up. Luck was on their side, too, as it finished just before the snow came falling down. Sunday afternoon is due to – weather permitting – see a procession and more of the same in Greenwich town centre.

If it goes ahead and he shows, say hello to Henry for me.

(12:45PM UPDATE: It’s still going ahead, despite the snow which has blanketed south-east London.)


  1. I never did get the welcome to the millenium borough given the year 2000 was some time ago now. I think the new signs look nice and they do look nice in Woolwich but sadly all the royal connotations going will be for nothing unless something is done soon about the town centre and the increasing number of empty shops in Woolwich, Eltham and even Greenwich I have to add.

    Eltham seems to be getting more and more empty shops though they have recently opened a Prezzo Pizza branch which looks very nice. Woolwich though between Poundland and the Peacocks end is becoming littered with to let signs though I understand two of the three retail units opposite what will be TK Maxx on the corner and next to Travelodge Hotel are under offer and the furniture shop is also under offer where Top Man / Top Shop was but Powis Street Estates have had to reduce the annual rent significantly to get it under offer. I had to laugh at the new Spenhill Development (Tesco Town Centre development) now called Woolwich Central. Will all those flats be sold in the current economic environment?

  2. Not all the to let signs are for shops that are actually to let. The staff in Evans said that they are signing a new lease but the for let sign had to be put up first. They are not closing down, despite rumours to the contrary.

  3. @Sue,

    Oh really because it is advertised on Cradick’s site as lease for sale. The staff of Bon Marche told me they didn’t think they were closing but there are closing down sale signs. There are To Let signs on the old Pizza Hut unit, old Nationwide unit, Old Top Man and Top Shop unit though I understand that is under offer to someone else there are quite a few empty shops in Woolwich.

    I’m surprised the Evans isn’t going. It needs modernising and Green did say Philip Green he didn’t intend renewing leases on 280 of the group’s various stores so I assumed this is one of them

    It’s good though that most of the Travelodge retail units are under offer. I understand the hotel and the shops open in July this year and TK Maxx will open in the autumn so it’s not all bad news

  4. When I was parking in the Eltham Centre today I noticed the traffic warden had a nice new “Royal Greenwich” fleece on. Shame we couldn’t get served in the centre as the staff had gone to lunch & there was a 45 minute wait!

  5. New signage hardly news! No mention of any of the travel problems on Southeastern for the past three days? Surely how Southeastern have coped so badly is very indicative of problems to come during the games!

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