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Generally this website covers news and issues in Greenwich borough – with a general slant towards the north and west of it – with occasional forays a short way beyond. More often than not, this involves Greenwich Council and the way it is run, but there are plenty of other issues around too.

Time to investigate new stories is limited and replies aren’t guaranteed, but all information is appreciated.

Please don’t send links to stories other people have done – such as another local website or newspaper – unless there’s something new that they’ve missed. Similarly, please indicate if you’ve sent the same story elsewhere – this site doesn’t have the resources to chase the same stories that richer media organisations are also covering.

Please also consider whether you’d be better off telling your local councillors or other representatives.

Because of time constraints, this site is also sadly unable to run stories plugging events. If you’ve a good cause to promote, please feel free to write something yourself – see help for community groups for more.

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